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The Statistical Computing and Graphics Award

The Statistical Computing and Graphics Award of the ASA Sections of Statistical Computing and Statistical Graphics recognizes an individual or team for innovation in computing, software, or graphics that has had a significant impact on statistical practice or research. The past awardees include Bill Cleveland (2016) and Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka (2010). The prize carries with it a cash award of $5,000 plus an allowance of up to $1,000 for travel to the next Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) where the award will be presented.


The prize-winning contribution will have had significant and lasting impacts on statistical computing, software or graphics.

The Awards Committee depends on the American Statistical Association membership to submit nominations. Committee members will review the nominations and make the final determination of who, if any, should receive the award. The award may not be given to a sitting member of the Awards Committee or a sitting member of the Executive Committee of the Section of Statistical Computing or the Section of Statistical Graphics.

Nomination and Award Dates

Nominations are due by November 15, 2018 for an award to be presented at the JSM in the following year. The first award was given in 2010, and subsequent awards are made at most bi-annually according to the discretion of the Awards Committee.

Nominations should be submitted as a complete packet, consisting of:

  • a nomination letter, no longer than four pages, addressing points in the selection criteria
  • nominee’s curriculum vita(e)
  • a minimum of 3 (and no more than 4) supporting letters, each no longer than two pages

Selection Process

The Awards Committee will consist of the Chairs and Past Chairs of the Sections on Statistical Computing and Statistical Graphics. The selection process will be handled by the Awards Chair of the Statistical Computing Section and the Statistical Graphics Section. Nominations and questions are to be sent to the e-mail address below.

Jun Yan
University of Connecticut

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