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Official Status with the ASA: Founding Petition

On January 5, 1971, a petition was sent to the ASA office requesting the formation of a new section on Statistical Computing. Scans of the actual petition appear below. Click on any of the pages to see an enlarged image. A more readable, text version of this document is also available.

Official Status with the ASA: Official Approval

In 1971, the ASA members voted on whether or not to establish a Section on Statistical Computing. The proposal passed easily, receiving 1,384 votes in favor of creating the new Section (only 500 were required). Following the ASA Constitution, this meant that the Section was officially established as of the following calendar year, 1972. Two letters indicating the new official status of the Computing Section are given below; the first is from Churchill Eisenhart, then President of the ASA (a text version is also available), while the second is from William Shaw, then President-Elect of the Association (a text version of this letter is also available).

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