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Bi-Annual Data Exposition

Every other year, at the Joint Statistical Meetings, the Graphics Section and the Computing Section join in sponsoring a special Poster Session called The Data Exposition , but more commonly known as The Data Expo. All of the papers presented in this Poster Session are reports of analyses of a common data set provided for the occasion. In addition, all papers presented in the session are encouraged to report the use of graphical methods employed during the development of their analysis and to use graphics to convey their findings.

Data sets

  • 2013: Soul of the Community
  • 2011: Deepwater horizon oil spill
  • 2009: Airline on time data
  • 2006: NASA meteorological data. Electronic copy of entries
  • 1997: Hospital Report Cards
  • 1995: U.S. Colleges and Universities
  • 1993: Oscillator time series & Breakfast Cereals
  • 1991: Disease Data for Public Health Surveillance
  • 1990: King Crab Data
  • 1988: Baseball
  • 1986: Geometric Features of Pollen Grains
  • 1983: Automobiles
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