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Data expo 2006


Sponsored by the Sections on Statistical Graphics, Statistical Computing,
and Statistics and the Environment.

These are the posters from the entries in the 2006 Data Expo competition (plus one entry which unfortunately did not make it to JSM). Most files are either PDF or PowerPoint documents and some are VERY large.

"Using Data Mining Tools in the Study of NASA Ozone Data"
Wei-hong Wang, The College of New Jersey; Pin-Shuo Liu, William Paterson University.
(Materials not yet available)
"Identifying Outliers in Multivariate Spatial Data"
Anthony Franklin, Coastal Carolina University; Eric B. Howington, Coastal Carolina University; Keshav Jagannathan, Coastal Carolina University.
(PDF 200 kB)
"Exploratory Data Analysis of Meteorological Data Using SAS Stat Studio"
Frederick Wicklin, SAS Institute, Inc.; Yun Chen, North Carolina State University
Title Overview Quiz Panel 5 (PDFs up to 500 kB)
"SparkMats: a Graphical Method of Exploring Spatially Distributed Time Series"
John Emerson, Yale University; Walton Green, Yale University
(PowerPoint 13 MB)
THIRD PRIZE: "Novel Two-Step Process for Graphically Summarizing Multivariate Spatial Temporal Data in Two Dimensions"
Svetlana K. Eden, Vanderbilt University; Theresa A. Scott, Vanderbilt University; Angel An, Vanderbilt University; Jeffrey Horner, Vanderbilt University; Cathy Jenkins, Vanderbilt University
(PDF 9 MB)
(photo Copyright 2006 American Statistical Association)
"Using Kriging and 3-D Graphics To Explore Trends of Total Column Ozone Amount and Tropospheric Weather Systems in Central America from 1995 to 2000"
Kening Wang, University of Arkansas ; Charles Stegman, University of Arkansas; Sean W. Mulvenon, University of Arkansas; Yanling Xia, University of Arkansas
(PowerPoint 5.5 MB)
"Dynamic Data Visualization of Meteorological Data"
Bruce Peterson, Terastat
(PDF 2.5 MB)
(Unable to attend JSM) "A Web-Centric Graphical Approach to Gain Insight into NASA's NUMB3RS"
Robert Allison, SAS Institute, Inc.
Web page
SECOND PRIZE: Another View at Central America"
Hadley Wickham, Iowa State University; Jonathan Hobbs, Iowa State University; Dianne Cook, Iowa State University; Heike Hofmann, Iowa State University
(PDF 5.5 MB) video (MOV 55 MB)
(photo Copyright 2006 American Statistical Association)
"Graphical Display of Model-Based Temperature Data"
Jeff Slezak, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
(PDF 15 MB)
"Multiple Lagged Differences in Spatial Time Series"
Rafe Donahue, Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Jeffrey Horner, Vanderbilt University
(PDF 8 MB)
"Exploring Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Atmospheric Ozone Concentration Using Visualization"
Sudeshna Paul, Purdue University; Souleymane Fall, Purdue University; Devdutta Niyogi, Purdue University; Bruce A. Craig, Purdue University
(PowerPoint 2.5 MB)
FIRST PRIZE: "Visualizing Several Abnormal Climate Changes in Central America from January 1995--December 2000"
Sang-Hoon Cho, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Hyonho Chun, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Deepayan Sarkar, State University of Wisconsin

(PDF 165 MB; here and here are smaller < 1 MB PNG versions), video (PDF 8 MB)
(photo Copyright 2006 American Statistical Association)
"Data Display Principles Revealed in the NASA Data"
Rafe Donahue, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
(PDF 23.5 MB)
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