Data expo ‘09

Poster competition results

Congratulations to the winners and thanks again to everyone who entered!

First place

Congestion in the sky: Visualising domestic airline traffic with SAS (pdf, 550k). Rick Wicklin and Robert Allison, SAS Institute.

Second place

Delayed, Cancelled, On-Time, Boarding ... Flying in the USA (pdf, 13 meg). Heike Hofmann, Di Cook, Chris Kielion, Barret Schloerke, Jon Hobbs, Adam Loy, Lawrence Mosley, David Rockoff, Yuanyuan Huang, Danielle Wrolstad and Tengfei Yin, Iowa State University

Third place

A tale of two airports: An exploration of flight traffic at SFO and OAK. (pdf, 770k). Charlotte Wickham, UC Berkeley.

Honourable mention

Minimizing the Probability of Experiencing a Flight Delay (pdf, 7 meg). Tanujit Dey, David Phillips and Patrick Steele, College of William & Mary.

Other posters

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