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Data expo ‘09

Get the data

The data comes originally from RITA where it is described in detail. You can download the data there, or from the bzipped csv files listed below. These files have derivable variables removed, are packaged in yearly chunks and have been more heavily compressed than the originals.

The data is available in the "user-pays" S3 bucket asa-data-expo-09

Keep in touch

If you download the data, please also subscribe to the data expo mailing list, so we can keep you up to date with any changes to the data:


Variable descriptions

Name Description
1 Year 1987-2008
2 Month 1-12
3 DayofMonth 1-31
4 DayOfWeek 1 (Monday) - 7 (Sunday)
5 DepTime actual departure time (local, hhmm)
6 CRSDepTime scheduled departure time (local, hhmm)
7 ArrTime actual arrival time (local, hhmm)
8 CRSArrTime scheduled arrival time (local, hhmm)
9 UniqueCarrier unique carrier code
10 FlightNum flight number
11 TailNum plane tail number
12 ActualElapsedTime in minutes
13 CRSElapsedTime in minutes
14 AirTime in minutes
15 ArrDelay arrival delay, in minutes
16 DepDelay departure delay, in minutes
17 Origin origin IATA airport code
18 Dest destination IATA airport code
19 Distance in miles
20 TaxiIn taxi in time, in minutes
21 TaxiOut taxi out time in minutes
22 Cancelled was the flight cancelled?
23 CancellationCode reason for cancellation (A = carrier, B = weather, C = NAS, D = security)
24 Diverted 1 = yes, 0 = no
25 CarrierDelay in minutes
26 WeatherDelay in minutes
27 NASDelay in minutes
28 SecurityDelay in minutes
29 LateAircraftDelay in minutes
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