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Soul of the Community: Entries

First place

"Putting Down Roots: A Graphical Exploration of Community Attachment"

Andrea Kaplan and Eric Hare, Iowa State University

link to Interactive Tool

Second places

"Seeing the Soul of the Community"

Angela Minster, Temple University

link to Interactive Tool

"A tale of four cities: Exploring the soul of Biloxi, Detroit, Milledgeville, and State College"

Karsten Maurer, David Osthus, Iowa State University and Adam Loy, Lawrence University

"Soul of the Community"

Xiaofei (Susan) Wang, Cynthia Rush, William Brinda, Yale University
interactive poster

Other contributions

"Safety, Scenery, and Schools in Long Beach, CA: Consistency of Survey and External Data"

Sam Ackerman and Richard Heiberger, Temple University

"An Illustration of the Soul of the Community"

Millicent Grant and Samantha Tyner, Iowa State University

"Dynamic Graphics: An Interactive Analysis Of What Attaches People To Their Communities"

Jessica M. Orth, University of Iowa

"Clicks and Cliques - Exploring the Soul of the Community"

Natalia Da Silva and Ignacio Alvarez, Iowa State University

"What factors help explain community attachment?"

Carson Sievert, Maggie Johnson Iowa State University

"Data Visualization on the Soul of the Community"

Amelia McNamara, University of California-Los Angeles

"Using Data to Find Your Way Home"

Niladri Roy Chowdhury, Iowa State University ; Luke Fostvedt, Iowa State University

"Dynamic Exploration of the Soul of the Community"

Samuel Gardner, Eli Lilly ; Nicole Jones, SAS/JMP ; Michael Crotty, SAS Institute Inc.; Justin Mosiman, SAS/JMP

"Soul of the Community"

Anna Quach ; Juergen Symanzik, Utah State University ; Nicole Velasquez, Utah State University

"What Attaches People to Their Community?Soul of the Community"

Xiaoyue Cheng, Iowa State University ; Dianne H. Cook, Iowa State University

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