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The Computing and Graphics Newsletter is distributed to members of the Statistical Computing and Statistical Graphics Sections of the ASA. Their annual dues assist section activities. If you are an ASA member, but do not belong to either of these Sections, please consider joining. If you are not an ASA member, but find the articles in the Newsletter interesting, you might want to give our organization a look.

Editorial Staff

The Newsletter is produced by two volunteer editors, one from each of the Computing and Graphics Sections, with articles from both ASA members and non-members. Our current editors are Usha Govindarajulu (Computing) and Anushka Anand (Graphics). We are eager to hear both from people who receive the newsletter regularly as well as interested visitors who have examined our site. Consider giving us feedback about how we can improve this service.

Online Issues

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Volume 26, Number 2. December 2016

Volume 25, Number 2. December 2015

Volume 25, Number 1. July 2015

Volume 24, Number 1. December 2014

Volume 23, Number 1. July 2013

Featured articles:

Computing News from SAS
by Rick Wicklin

News from R Studio
by Tareef Kawaf

Amazon EC2, Big Data and High-Performance Computing
by Jay Emerson and Xiaofei Wang

Volume 22, Number 1. July 2011

Featured articles:

Visualization: It's More than Pictures!
by Robert Kosara

Visualization, Graphics, and Statistics
by Andrew Gelman and Antony Unwin

Heuristic Methods in Finance
by Enrico Schumann and David Ardia

Volume 21, Number 2. December 2010

Featured articles:

barNest: Illustrating nested summary measures
by Jim Lemon and Ofir Levy

You say "graph invariant," I say "test statistic"
by Carey E. Priebe, Glen A. Coppersmith and Andrey Rukhin

Computation in Large-Scale Scientific and Internet Data Applications is a Focus of MMDS 2010
by Michael W. Mahoney

Volume 21, Number 1. August 2010

Featured articles:

Getting into hot water over hot graphics
by Antony Unwin

What’s On(line) in Computing and Graphics?
by Andreas Krause

Creative Techniques for Exploratory Data Graphics in PK/PD
by Charles Roosen and Richard Pugh

Volume 20, Number 2. December 2009

Featured articles:

High-Flying Graphics at the 2009 Data Expo
by Rick Wicklin

Hadoop for Statistical Analysis and Exploration
by Byron Ellis

Statistical Graphics! Who needs Visual Analytics?
by Martin Theus

Volume 20, Number 1. July 2009

Featured articles:

Gapminder: Liberating the x-axis from the burden of time
by Hans Rosling

The Fan Plot: A technique for displaying relative quantities and differences
by Jim Lemon

Taking it to higher dimensions
by Andreas Krause

Past issues


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