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Volume 19, Number 2. December 2008

Featured articles:

by Stuart K. Randa and Robert J. Klare

Development and Validation of Logistic Prognostic Models Using Predefined SAS Macros
by Rainer Muche, Christina Ring and Christoph Ziegler.

Volume 19, Number 1. July 2008

Featured articles:

Statistical graphics in the wind industry
by Mark A. Fisher

How to draw a trilinear plot
by Mu Zhu. (S+/R code)

New section on technology and commerce.

Volume 18, Number 2. December 2007

Featured articles:

KorBell and Netflix
by Robert Bell, Yehuda Koren, and Chris Volinsky

Grid Computing: Rockefeller
by Tingting Song, Cameron Coffran, Knut M. Wittkowski

Population Evolution
by Joachim Moecks and Walter Koehler

Volume 18, Number 1. June 2007

Featured articles:

Computing Thousands of Test Statistics Simultaneously in R
by Holger Schwender and Tina Müller

Generalized Nonlinear Models in R
by Heather L. Turner and David Firth

BMDP and Some Statistical Computing History
by Robert Jennrich

Volume 17, Number 2. November 2006

Featured articles:

Color Coding and Color Blindness in Statistical Graphics
by Thomas Lumley

Tools for Bayesian Analysis in R
by Jouni Kerman and Andrew Gelman

An Experience between Dusty Archives and Blogs
by Heike Hoffman, Dianne Cook, and Charles Kostelnick

About Glyphs and Small Multiples: Gauguin and the Expo
by Alexander Gribov, Antony Unwin, Heike Hofmann

Volume 17, Number 1. June 2006

Featured articles:

Some Majorization Techniques
by Jan de Leeuw

RGTK2 - A GUI Toolkit for R
by Michael Lawrence and Duncan Temple Lang

SOCR: Statistics Online Computational Resource
by Ivo D. Dinov

Volume 16, Number 2. December 2005

Featured articles include:

Reshaping Data
by Hadley Wickham

JGR: Java GUI for R
by Markus Helbig, Martin Theus, and Simon Urbanek

Volume 16, Number 1. Summer 2005

Featured articles include:

Expanding your statistical computing toolbox with Python
by Brooke Fridley, Rhonda DeCook, and Howard Butler

Using pdfscreen for interactive presentations
by Di Cook

Volume 15, Number 1. Summer 2004.

Featured articles include:

Prosper: A LaTeX documentclass for presentations
by Rouben Rostamdian

iPlots: Interactive Graphics for R
by Martin Theus and Simon Urbanek

Volume 14, Number 1

Special feature article:

Tools to aid in the display and distribution of computer program code across computing platforms.
by John C. Nash

Featured articles include:

Analysing Gene Expression Data in R with the package SAG
by Per Broberg

Usability of Scatter Plot Symbols
by Heman Robinson

Layering Images for Large Data Visualization
by Manuel Suarez

Volume 13, Number 2

Special feature article:

Dynamically Conditioned Choropleth Maps
by Dan Carr

Featured articles include:

Experiences with BioConductor
by Heike Hofmann

by Martin Theus

JSOMap - A Java-based Self-Organizing Map Package
by Zach Cox

Volume 13, Number 1

Special feature article:

It's Just Implementation,
by Di Cook, Igor Perisic, Duncan Temple Lang and Luke Tierney.

Feature articles include:

An Introduction to the Bootstrap, with examples in R
by A.C. Davison and Diego Kuonen

by Deborah F. Swayne, AT\& T Labs-Research.

Making trees interactive with KLIMT- A COSADA Software Project
by Simon Urbanek and Antony R. Unwin, Department of Computeroriented Statistics and Data Analysis, Augsburg University

Volume 12, Number 1

Special feature article:

Report from the Workshop on Modern Statistical Computing and Graphics in Academia
by Deborah F. Swayne, Di Cook, Mark Hansen, Guy Nason, Duncan Temple Lang and Adalbert Wilhelm.

Feature articles include:

The Next Stage For Analytics: Bringing Statistics to the Masses
by Dr. Bill Ladd, Director Bioinformatics, Spotfire, Inc.

Visualization for Information Consumers
by Stephen G. Eick, Visual Insight

S-PLUS Graphlets
by Charles Roosen, PhD, Senior Statistician, Insightful Corporation

COSADA Software Projects in Augsburg
by Antony R. Unwin, Department of Computeroriented Statistics and Data Analysis, Augsburg University

Streaming Graphics
by Andrew A. Norton, Matthew A. Rubin, Leland Wilkinson, SPSS, Inc.

Rolling Your Own: Linear Model Hypothesis Testing and Power Calculations via the Singular Value Decomposition.
by Steve Verrill, Mathematical Statistician, USDA Forest Service Forest, Madison.

Correspondence Analysis with R
Brigitte Charnomordic, Biometrie, INRA, France and Susan Holmes, Statistics Department, Stanford\\

Scenarios for Statistics; Teaching Statistical Computing with Flash.
by Susan Holmes, Statistics, Stanford

Volume 11, Number 1

Special feature article:

Revisions of Minard
by Michael Friendly,

Feature articles include:

Turning the tables with TURNER
by Stephan Lauer

A Good Simple Axis
by Graham Wills

Odds Ratio Analaysis with computer system CORA
by Iris Pigeot and Ursula Roberts

Volume 10, Number 1

Special feature article:

Internet measurement and data analysis: topology, workload, performance and routing statistics
by kc claffy and Sean McCreary, CAIDA

Feature articles include:

Connected teaching of statistics
by Wolfgang Haerdle, Sigbert Klinke and Steve Marron

Linked data views
by Graham Wills

Using layering and perceptual grouping in statistical graphics
by Dan Carr and Ru Sun

Volume 9, Number 2

Special feature article:

Coding and Model Selection: a Brief Tutorial on the Principle of Minimum Description Length
by Bin Yu

Feature articles include:

Just Make It!
by Steve Golowich and Duncan Temple Lang

Exploring Time Series Graphically
by Antony Unwin and Graham Wills

Boxplot Variations in a Spatial Context: An Omernik Ecoregion and Weather Example
by Daniel B. Carr, Anthony R. Olsen, Suzanne M. Pierson, Jean-Yves P. Courbois

Simpson on Board the Titanic? Interactive Methods for Dealing With Multivariate Categorical Data
by Heike Hofmann

Volume 9, Number 1

Special feature article:

Interactive Education: A Framework and Tools
by Deborah Nolan and Duncan Temple Lang

Feature articles include:

Intrusion Detection Based on Structural Zeroes
by Martin Theus and Matthias Schonlau

Mosaic Displays in S-PLUS: A General Implementation and a Case Study
by John W. Emerson

Linked Micromap Plots: Named and Described
by Daniel B. Carr, Anthony R. Olsen, Jean-Yves P. Courbois, Suzanne M. Pierson, and D. Andrew Carr

Volume 8, Number 2/3 [ PDF ]

Special feature article:

Spatio-temporal Rainfall Processes: Stochastic Models and Data Analysis
by Richard Chandler, Valerie Isham and Paul Northrop

Feature articles include:

Modeling and Characterizing Microstructures Using Spatial Point Processes
by Nandini Raghavan and Prem K. Goel

l1 Tortoise Gains on l2 Hare
by Roger Koenker

A Shaker Approach to Web Site Design
by Michael D. Levi

ISEA Discrete Global Grids
by Dan Carr, Ralph Kahn, Kevin Sahr, and Tony Olsen

Volume 8, Number 1

Feature articles include:

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a Team Sport
by Bill Eddy

Locfit : An Introduction
by Clive Loader

Data Exploration with the Density Grand Tour
by John D. Salch and David W. Scott

Templates for Looking at Gene Expression Clustering
by Daniel B. Carr, Roland Somogyi and George Michaels

Volume 7, Number 3

Special feature article:

Computational Anatomy: An Emerging Discipline
by Ulf Grenander and Michael I. Miller

Other featured articles include:

Emphasizing Statistical Summaries and Showing Spatial Context with Micromaps
by Dan Carr and Suzanne Pierson

Why Perl? (II)
by Phil Spector

A Simulation Tool for Evaluating Design and Analysis Options for Monitoring Highway Traffic Characteristics
by Stephen M. Wall and John E. Orban

Volume 7, Number 2

A special issue on Bayesian function estimation:

Bayesian Strategies for Wavelet Analysis
by Merlise Clyde, Giovanni Parmigiani, and Brani Vidakovic

Trees á la Bayes
by Hugh Chipman, Edward George and Robert McCulloch

Nonparametric regression: a general methodology
by Mike Smith and Robert Kohn

Other featured articles include:

Plot Interpretation and Information Webs: A Time-Series Example from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
by Dan Carr, Richard Valliant and Dan Rope

Why Perl?
by Phil Spector

Volume 7, Number 1

Includes the featured articles:

Simplifying Visual Appearance by Sorting: An Example using 159 AVHRR Classes
by Dan Carr and Anthony Olsen

Context-Rich Graphical Displays
by David James

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    The process of Reading Statistical Maps: The Effect of Color
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    So, You Want to Make A Video!
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    Saxpy, gaxpy, LAPACK and BLAS
    by Colin Goodall

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